Chingotto / Navarro vs. Ramirez / Cardona


Players who played this match. If they are not available in the game, they will be shown as N/A.

💠 228
Federico Chingotto
🇦🇷 ar
4 / 131 3830 pts

Federico Chingotto

💠 181
Paquito Navarro
🇪🇸 es
10 / 131 2025 pts

Paquito Navarro

💠 34
Iván Ramírez
🇪🇸 es
75 / 131 126 pts

Iván Ramírez

💠 53
Pablo Cardona
🇪🇸 es
21 / 131 2 699 pts

Pablo Cardona


Tournament this match belongs to.


Vienna Padel Open 1000

Del 23/05 al 28/05

Viena (Austria)

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